About Us

Our Mission

By establishing an instructional program we aim to introduce students to the skills and arts of creating dramatic entertainment, documentaries, news, and art films.  Through this program artists, teachers, media and film industry professionals from the community will be called upon to mentor and guide students through their filmmaking education.

Exposing students to filmmaking will offer academic and cultural benefits that are not presently available.  The moving image is one of the most powerful forms of communication available to humanity; its undeniable impact can be seen in every part of society, in every part of the world.  It is the goal of the East End Student Film Project to make this form of learning a reality for our local youth.

Our History

When we first sat down with a group of young people to discuss films and filmmaking, it soon became apparent that there was enthusiasm and creative ability unique to this generation of techno-savvy youth.  We decided to provide a forum to encourage and applaud their efforts.  Thus, the First Annual East End Student Film Festival was born.

This led to the idea that supplemental instruction, support, and equipment would not only benefit students who had no access to filmmaking classes, but would encourage our local school districts to pick up the mantle, and expand their curriculum to include video and film classes.

Community support was overwhelming.  Volunteers donated their time in mentoring and teaching, as well as countless hours of meetings, phone calls and emails, while generous sponsors donated state-of-the art equipment, public promotion and press coverage.

To date, EESFP has hosted four successful film festivals, which showcased over 60 films created by students from the East End, and celebrated the accomplishments of a group of young local artists, igniting the vision of the EESFP as a community-supported, non-profit program.

Our Winter pilot program at the Floyd Memorial Library in 2008 was immediately filled by over 30 students, willing to dedicate 3 hours on Saturdays for 8 weeks in order to learn about the filmmaking process. 

Stay tuned as we learn and grow together and continue to offer more programs and opportunities. 


Our Vision

The vision of the East End Student Film Project is to sustain a vibrant, comfortable and fun atmosphere in which students, mentors and experts in film-related industries can interact and exchange ideas, share talents and encourage creativity in the burgeoning world of digital media. To offer a means of expression and cultivate the variety of skills called upon in order to complete the process of bringing an idea to life through film.

EESFP hopes to involve the community in supporting these goals through various means.

Primarily, the mentorship program, which will connect experienced professionals with students eager to learn specific skills. Working individually, or with a group of students within their own customized framework.

Additionally,  working in partnership with those who offer locations, equipment and funding that will help make possible and support the filmmaking efforts of the students in the project. 

We are grateful to our sponsors, and anticipate a growing support base to help realize the vision. We welcome volunteers, mentors, and sponsors. Contact Us.