Be a Mentor

IMG_4379-medium-init-The original vision of the East End Student Film Program included the concept of connecting students with mentors to help guide them through the filmmaking process.

The fact that the dream can come to fruition is due, in large part, to the amazing collection of film-related and industry-related experts, enthusiasts and professionals, retired or active, that are a part of our community.

We are always looking to expand our Resource Database of volunteer mentors.
Some of the things that a mentor might do:

  • A mentor is a production assistant, NOT the producer or director.
  • Work with a group or a single filmmaker through a part or the whole production.
  • Help to find, and refine a story.
  • Offer technical expertise such as: camera, lighting, sound, editing.
  • Assist the filmmakers in any aspect of production where they need help.
  • Make themselves available by phone or email.
  • Meet with the students on a scheduled, or on an as-need basis.
  • Meet with students to view and critique films.
  • Contribute inspiration, focus and discipline.

If you would like to be a mentor, in any capacity, please contact us.