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Dear friends of the East End Student Film Project,

I want to thank everyone who has been a part of our program over the years, including instructors, mentors, students and fans. We are so delighted with the program that we have all built and so proud of the results of all your hard work. By the way, the products of that work all can be seen here on our website, including all the Student Film Festival screenings.

Over the years, our program grew in leaps and bounds, and last summer we had over 50 students pass through our studio. It was a great summer for all of us and our feature claymation piece, “Help Wanted,” was an incredible achievement and experience for all involved. I’m so proud of our kids and what they achieved. If you haven’t seen our wonderful piece about Aldo’s coffee shop, please go to the bottom of this page and enjoy “Help Wanted.”

As our program grew, it became harder and harder for us to sustain it, not just financially but logistically, as the administrative needs grew as well.

A lot of people know that I always dreamed of going to film school and making films. Most of them figured out that the East End Student Film Program was very much about my education, in a sense, the film school that I would have wanted to go to when I was younger.

I consider the past five years to have been my film school and I am grateful to all the people involved in our program, especially the students, for teaching me so much about so many things, particularly making films. My plans are to continue to make films and keep on learning and growing towards the magic of filmmaking. For as long as I remember, I have sought the skills and craft to be able to share my stories. I pray that everyone we have touched — including students, instructors and our audience — have in some way been inspired. And may we have touched their lives positively and done our small part to make a better world.

Love to all and many, many thanks,

Paul Henry
East End Student Film Project

The Following is the fruit of our labor. We encourage you to watch and enjoy what we have worked so diligently on.

The East End Student Film Project is proud to introduce our 2010 Summer Claymation Project: Help Wanted.

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2009 EESFP claymation project: The Second Greatest Show on Earth

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2010 Festival winners

Pandion (documentary)
Checkmate (stop-motion)

2009 Festival winners

Illusion (documentary)
Red Abstract (stop-motion)

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